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  1. vashnaar

    Pinapple Eth1 port issue

    The cord seems solid at first but if you have to move the tetra it will shift and cause problems. The top retention clips on the cord tip do seem to be working, you can feel and hear the cable seating. I've tried with a different, brand new, Anker micro USB cord and get the same effect. Just seems like the port is 'wider' than the tip thus allowing it to shift. Just tested both cables in the UART port with the same results. You still have to apply pressure to remove the cable, as expected, but it's the side to side shift that's a problem.
  2. vashnaar

    Firewall replacement

    Untangle all day, every day. I have several in operation for various clients. Does everything they need and more as needed. I replaced a Fortinet because the interface was too complex for the simple functions required at the site. They have around 120 users on the network. The basic web filter is solid with standard category blocking. Been using it for quite a few years with no issues.
  3. Hi, Just got my elite kit yesterday and have finally started getting into everything. Cycling through the firmware updates and exploring all the functionality. It's been a blast! The only trouble is the micro USB Eth1 connection on my Pineapple TETRA. The included cable shifts left or right causing the connection to be lost while attempting to update or access the device from either my laptop or desktop. The standard plugs are solid, it's just a slight shift that causes the device to drop connection and reset. Is there a way to address this without replacement?