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  1. I tried updating my bashbunny to 1.4 today, and it was going well.. Then, after i ejected it and put it back in to start the update it started flashing a "police" pattern. I am back on version 1.0 and no matter what update i download, i am not able to go up. I would really like some help... I don't understand what is wrong.
  2. Whenever i use the bashbunny updater, it says that it has updated successfully, but then when i eject and plug back in, it blinks "police" pattern, and i can not use it. I then have to go to switch one, and after the green startup goes away switch it to arming like you said. I try and update again, but the same exact thing happens!! Please help?
  3. I don't have any languages in my language folder.... Where can i find and install these?
  4. Yes, i have updated to 1.3. It's just i've tried running payloads and none of them seem to be working. I installed three tools last night also that seb posted, so i think most of the exploits should be working? I'm trying browsercreds, and quickcreds.
  5. I'm sorry. I'm kind of new. How are you supposed to install the tools then?
  6. There is no tools_installer now?
  7. Well, i feel really dumb.. I'm pretty new to everything here, and I think i'm missing a very important first step or something? Is there a tool installer or something that i need to use? I've gone over the wiki and what not, but i am kinda lost. If anyone could help me i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
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