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  1. Monitoring Unassociated Clients

    Awesome thanks so much Sebkinne, will take a look. Sounds easier than the other option. And Tetra arrived today!! I am pineappled out!
  2. Monitoring Unassociated Clients

    Hi, over the weekend I resurrected an old Mark V Pineapple which had some bad firmware... in anticipation of the Tetra which is on its way. We doing a project for a client where they want to count the number of people in a shopping area by counting the number of devices in range of an AP looking to connect to some SSID. We just need a list of client addresses trying to connect with time and date. The client in an effort to save cost will build reports on the data. One of the Tetra features is, Device tracking and alerting so hoping that will do it out of the box. We looked at commercial solutions like Euclid but as mentioned ... they don't have a crazy budget. Any other ideas would be great. Thanks