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  1. help. this one shows up Bus 001 Device 008: ID 148f:7601 Ralink Technology, Corp. but not able to use as WLAN2. what should i do sir?
  2. update. I have reformatted my sd card from FAT32 to EXT4 because symlink only works with EXT4 linux file system. now i can run ln -s /root/portals /sd/portals but now another problem still evil portal cant seem to see the cloned pages and when i ssh into pineapple it shows this root@Pineapple:/sd/portals# ls mcd1 portals it creats another portals folder in sd/portals so i tried copy mcd1 into sd/portals/portals it shows up in evil portal but that means the cloned page is in root and filled up the nano space and defeat the purpose. please help. thanks sir
  3. hi all, I have cloned a few webpages using port auth and it's stored in sd because Nano doesnt have enuff space for that. So i tried to create a symlink ln -s /root/portals /sd/portals but operations not permitted. is there a way for evil portal to find those cloned webpages in sd instead of root? thanks sir
  4. I have been trying to create a symlink like u said, but even i m root ssh into pineapple, i still get this Operations not permitted. help anyone? thanks sir
  5. Hi SudoNick How to create this : If you don't see them show up in Evil Portal then you need to create a symlink: ln -s /root/portals /sd/portals ? so Far i have only successfully cloned www.google.com, no luck on other websites like starbucks, mcdonalds and facebook. How to solve that sir?
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