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  1. Same. Some interesting thoughts in this thread. How to fix not sure yet. Its getting stuck and is never getting out of the following 'while loop'. To fix we have to find out why. --------------- LED B 100 # Wait until files are done copying. while ! [ -f /loot/smb/EXFILTRATION_COMPLETE ]; do sleep 1; done --------------- Is this because the ps script has not run?, or SMB server is not running? something else?
  2. Hi Guys. So i got Internet on the Bunny but big credit to dbum for his help. Thank you dbum. What fixed it: Basically I retraced all the steps from first playing to where I currently was and I realised that having been following some the suggestions on here the only thing I hadn't done was install impacket and responder. The reason I hadn't was because I didn't have internet on the BB to 'git them down.' . Therefore, I concentrated on fixing the internet problem rather than downloading, copying and installing the impacket and responder tools. so, what I did was... Download
  3. Ok. So... One thing I noticed in your steps as opposed to mine is "Plugged in / Selected yes for discoverable network (private)" . That doesn't happen here. But I am guessing its because the drivers are already installed. I have tried a couple of times to reinstall them. I wonder is there a setting in Windows I am missing here. The fact that I can see the BB from windows when I ping it and the same from BB to .64 IP of the adapter on the Windows side. SSH is fine. Putty in ARM mode is ok. all of that side is fine. Network Connections (Windows) Sraring
  4. Ive tried on Win 7 with the same outcome. Ive just ran an nmap against .64 (first 200 ports) and got results. This has to be the Windows side.
  5. Thanks dbum, for taking the time to reply. Yeah, my settings exactly the same and have repeated it all again several times, no luck so far. Ive disabled I/Fs and then renabled... I can ping from SSH BB ( to and get a positive response. I can ping from windows to both .1 and same, get responses. obviously i am ssh ing via Putty. all settings as above the same. I did also set the IP of the BB on the windows side to .10 and then i do get a network showing up in the status. But with it set to .64 its shows in Windows Network Connections as an Unident
  6. Hi All, I know this one seems to have been done to death on the forum but I am not sure what else to do. I have read all the posts that I can find on trying to get an internet connection on the BB. I have set, reset the different permutations with regards to RNDIS device, IPs, Drivers etc and get the same results. No internet. Ive tried on Windows 10, 8 and 7 and its the same. Ive tried deploying the payload to the different switches. Ive tried sharing the WiFi and Ethernet connections on the laptop. Okay, so I have updated the firmware to the latest. Storage and HID are fine.
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