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  1. I was talking about the shell thing... Like the file in which I download on the target computer. If it is detectable than how can I make it undetectable? Like I said the video I watched was this one...
  2. Does it trigger the latest windows defender on Windows 10?
  3. Okay, but can I make it undetectable from antivirus?
  4. Not yet, I am going to buy at... I just needed to know if this could be done first. I tried buying it first time and it said "Verification Required" like wtf... And the ID had a different address the card had a different address and the shipping address was different, so I think that's why... So I just cancelled it... I'mma try to buy it again.
  5. I watched this It was better, now I understand this stuff... But can I make a reverse shell without the antivirus or windows defender sees it? Maybe a good FUD. Thanks for your help bro
  6. So can I take files from it? ALSO, can you tell me how to get network password if the target is connected to the network via Ethernet... Using a USB Rubber Ducky. Is the password even saved? Because I heard about zAnti 3, which I can control a computer within the the same network like VNC. PS: I am still waiting until it comes out.
  7. Oh will I don't know what reverse shell is and stuff, can I control a computer and see the screen like VNC with that?
  8. Everything is good, but can you give me an example of remote control that is cilent and undetectable, and how to use it. Then I will try to put it in the rubber ducky myself. Thanks for all that though.
  9. I did, 3 times. I was saying if it was possible so someone else could help me... Because just getting started to rubber ducky, everyone starts off as a noob. I mean could you tell me what I need to do/write in the payload... You don't need to write the full payload. Just tell me what I need to do and getting started to write that specific payload.
  10. But like, I mean I need to be able to control the computer without touching it... Just plug the rubber ducky and it does the work, FAST. Is that possible, remote control from outside the network. THANKS!
  11. I am planning on buying the USB Rubber Ducky and I was wondering if this is possible. I was wondering if I or someone could make a payload or whatever it's called to remotely control a computer outside the network. Perhaps like VNC. Also if you could teach me how to make it WON from a different network. I would really appreciate if someone says its all possible to do with a rubber ducky alone, and also help me. THANKS!
  12. Yeah, I know about bootable USB. I was wondering if you could make it all backup and save it on the USB/Cloud... How long do you estimate it to take?around 5 hours it's okay, I don't have much stuff anyways.
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