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  1. Vulnerable how? I have seen they have removed the .700 firmare, which was still available yesterday :)
  2. Not really ;) https://web.archive.org/web/20170624160235/http://mavicpilots.com/threads/how-to-exceed-max-altitude-for-mountain-flying.7592/page-14
  3. I have seen on twitter (https://twitter.com/TheDJIProblem) that someone changed the DJI Assistant 2 software so that he could write parameters directly to the drone.. .. It might be possible to enable adb there?
  4. Well, I do not know of such a Russian guy in the first place :) .. but more importantly, I would like to control any future updates by DJI. It is my device, and I don't want it to be crippled if DJI decides something weird… why are you looking for root?
  5. That is something we are all looking for ;) unless you are on the .200 or lower firmware, then there is an FTP traversal possibility. I have not found it yet, but according to the first post here it should exist. . A guess that is untested, is that is has something to do with a symlink.... one that you create in your /ftp folder. Once created, the FTP client is able to follow that link outside the /ftp folder... (once again, untested, so not sure)
  6. I dont think it is that easy :) You can read the contents of the firmware, but I think we need a way to write files to the mavic... what folders do you see in your unencrypted folder?
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