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  1. Update: realized the kismet_logging.conf has the log folder options and I have changed it but I still have no clue where the web UI login details are stored so I can login to the kismet web UI.
  2. I figured the kismet-hak5 package would be bulletproof since it's been updated but I don't see an option to change where to save log/capture's to my USB drive instead of the system / drive. Also, where on earth is the http auth file located because it sure isn't in my user/root sub folders anywhere lol.
  3. I'm assuming the module dependency install failure is being fixed from this version? Updated from 2.4.x to this and none of the dependencies install now.
  4. I pulled out my Tetra to do some wireless testing of my network however the newest firmware is 2.5.4 and the update function on the web UI doesn't work. I SSH'd into the device and can ping IP's fine, inside and out. Any DNS resolution fails but i have an IP from DHCP and the DNS is already setup for Google DNS via the config. Is there anything i can check or try to get the WAN connections via DNS working again? I want to update my Tetra but the DNS resolution is an issue for the firmware update and the mac lookup functions.
  5. So i'm still pretty basic when it comes to wifi pineapple and stick to using the web GUI unless it's something simple or file transfers but i have a Kingston Data Traveler 3.0 8GB flash drive with two EXT4 partitions. I've tried to load the usb to install stuff on it but it does not auto mount and i cannot manually mount as it just gives me "invalid arguments" when i run a simple mount /dev/sda2 /mnt command. This is my output from dmesg stating something about a crc32 error: [ 163.790000] EXT4-fs (sda2): Cannot load crc32c driver. [ 163.800000] EXT4-fs (sda2): Cannot load crc3
  6. Just wanted to stop by and also say i had to manually create the capture folder for Site Survey. I love the module but it seems the 2.x firmware may have some issues with it. I'm still not seeing the captures under the capture tab and it gives off random numbers after a capture, i just download the cap manually now.
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