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  1. I have tried to raise the power on the AWUS036NHA which I recently purchased . I have followed the simple commands where you shut the WLan down , set the power setting to BO, set the level on the adapter to let's say 25 and then turn it back up. it stays on 20. I am using The latest Kali Linux on my HD . any suggestions? Thanks in advance Cisco10k
  2. Hello all, I wanted to install more modules and I see that I need more storage space . If I install a new Micro SD card and then boot up will there be an option in the GUI to format the card? I guess I can just try it however I figured I ask first. I appreciate your help. BTW having a ball with the NANO , fun . Cisco10k
  3. Excellent! Success! After poking around a bit I figured out what you pointed out in the previos answer! Thank you so much! Protest time! Thanks again Cisco10k
  4. I thank you and all others for responding. Perhaps if I explain more clearly what I would like to do... I have the nano tactical setup (battery pouch etc.) I have been successful connecting and logging in with Kali Linux Laptop, setting a management AP as well as downloading occupineapple and creating a custom list. It works great, however only if i start up from the laptop. What i would like to do is have Occupineapple start on startup ( figured that out already) however have everything start up without the laptop. Seems that i have to connect with the USB cable in order to log in (root and password) in order for things to start... Cant the nano be set up so that I can plug power to it ( no laptop) with battery, and it starts up and i can log in to the management AP and work with it without having to use the android connection app? Ill keep trying... I dont give up easy. Thanks all Cisco10k
  5. Just_a_User, thank you. I will order one of the cables recommended. I swapped phone service from my iphone to a LG STYLO 2 (phone i was trying before with no service). I see that when i connect it to the NANO it shows the phone battery charging. Still a bit confused but I will figure it out eventually. Thanks so much! Cisco10k
  6. Hello all! I was curious if there is a way around connecting to the pineapple nano with my android without tethering? I do not have a data plan or hotspot plan. Actually , the phone is a spare not activated to any carrier. I want to use Occupineapple just to broadcast a protest message with different ssid's. I have already tested and used it with my laptop however I would like to use my Android phone with the nano tactical so I don't have to have the laptop with me. any suggestions? Is it possible? thank you in advance Cisco10k
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