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  1. If you don't void the warranty your using it wrong :)
  2. If you are working on a similar project, Feel free to fork mine and contribute :) ( Less work I have to do )
  3. I currently do not have one yet. This and the ability to hack in some wifi are my 2 thinks I am on the fence about
  4. Does the Bash Bunny have any internal gpio not currently being used, Preferably an spi bus ( I understand opening it would void any warranty )? I would love to be able to add https://www.sparkfun.com/products/9947 to put a device inside of an existing keyboard and have a built in keyboard passthrough, so no one is the wiser that it is not there normal keyboard And it could then log keystrokes internally
  5. I agree, Even though I have this, I still want a bash bunny, The ssd speeds would be very nice, SD card's are slow, And there is very little chance anyone would mistake my pi for a flash drive and plug it into there computer
  6. Ya, I am unsure if they will pull my post or not, I figured I would post it, If they like it Great if not, I will respect there decision
  7. https://github.com/tholum/PiBunny Not nearly as good as the normal bash bunny, but good if you are looking for something cheaper ( That can be left in place and if its lost no biggy :) ) ( Full disclosure I wrote it :) )
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