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  1. Hi, just a little question, why do you use USB 5v as power input since it could be done by the ethernet ? (better way for standalone)
  2. duan

    Ruby install ?

    Wont work ... fatal: write error: No space left on deviceiB | 31.00 KiB/s fatal: index-pack failed
  3. duan

    Ruby install ?

    Sorry, not ruby : but ruby-gem ?
  4. duan

    Ruby install ?

    I, i would like tu get ruby on my turtle to run Bettercap; Any ideas ? Regards,
  5. Hey @GermanNoob thanks for your answer. My problem is that my computer doesn't reconize the serial device :(
  6. Found a way to connect through RNDIS ATTACKMODE RNDIS_ETHERNET Then ssh on
  7. Hi all, first thanks a lot for all the fun stuff your are providing. I received my fresh bunny yesterday, tryed erverything to get it work : but still nothing : Win7 doesn't reconize Win10 doesn't reconize It look like RNDIS adaptater connect and disconnect to my machine ... CDC Serial drivers not found ... So can't SSH & payoads not working :(
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