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  1. Hi, sorry for the delay, I had some time today to try this again. No go. I formatted the sdcard, put it in the Nano and it does not detect it. It is crazy how hard it is to use it with a mac.
  2. Ok, I got it working now, sort of. I started updating the modules in my sd card and now all of a sudden it no longer sees the sd card.
  3. Ok, here is the process I just followed: Did the recovery process. Did the setup process. Current firmware was 2.4.1. Went to networking tab and connected to my wifi. Went to advanced and started the OTA update. Pineapple reboots and my settings seem to be lost as the pineapple reset my SSID to Pineapple78b. I directly connect to that SSID but I am unable to connect to ICS is turned on in my Macbook settings, but as instructed, I did not mess with the IP. So this is where I am now.
  4. Thanks for the reply! I did the firmware recovery, but can't enable ICS without changing the IP, thus can not do the OTA Update. Should I do a manual update instead?
  5. Hi, I updated Nano from my Macbook. It downloaded the update fine through the web portal, seemed to finish the update process, not sure, stayed on the screen with a full progress bar. Waited an hour, then tried to acces the which I set up during the ICS tutorial here, and nothing. Says it can't connect or no internet connection. When I connect directly to the Nano wifi (which has reset from the admin ssid I set, back to the stock ssid) I can not access the web portal with either ip's ( or Basically seems bricked. I've gotten it back by doing the firmware recovery, tried to update again, and it fails again. Any ideas?
  6. I finally have it working. Thanks for the help. I was messing something up with the port filtering on the VM.
  7. Yeah, not sure that is it, as I can navigate to the pineapple when I connect directly to the AP it creates. Also, the script initially detects the pineapple, but not in the final step when you run the connect command.
  8. Thanks for the reply @b0N3z, I did the steps you recommended, but no dice. When running the wp6 script it doesn't detect the pineapple in the final step. Am I supposed to connect to the pineapple for wifi, or to my normal wifi? Yes, these are dumb questions, sorry.
  9. Hi, Yes, before you get your pitchforks out, I have read and followed all the different versions of instruction on getting this to work. So the setup I have is OSX Sierra running a Parrot OS distro in VirtualBox. ICS is up and running (I think). Installed the driver that is posted on the forums here. Tried that future proof ICS settings where you change the IP after SSH-ing into the Nano. I have tried everything and I can NOT get the Nano to load modules or bulletins or anything. When I run the w6 script in Linux, it just completely blocks my access to the Nano Dashboard saying the browser can not connect. Any help would be much appreciated. See relevant screens here --> http://imgur.com/a/lXQPR I also followed this guide with no luck --> http://j2abro.blogspot.com.co/2016/07/configuring-wifi-pineapple-nano-on-mac.html
  10. I'd like to see more on this also, thanks for the hard work @Kn0wledge & @Teabot 5000
  11. I appreciate it. I managed to get it all up and running (as far as I can tell). I ended up just doing it all through Kali. Getting the broadcom drivers to work was a pain, but I'm all good now. Now just to run through some basic attacks/tests. Pinapple U here I come.
  12. Also, just a sidenote. I followed a tutorial on installing Kali with dual boot on a macbook before posting this. I ended up with laptop that wouldn't boot up. After some tinkering got it to boot into OSX again, but now have 20GB of unallocated space. Will give it a whirl again I guess. Thanks again!
  13. That is fair. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
  14. I have googled and I can not get this going. I have tried to set the nano up on OSX and you have no guides which is kind of shocking. Gave up, so I tried getting it running on a live install of kali, and there I run into 2 issues. Can't get wifi working because it is impossible to find the driver for my macbook. I also can't resize my USB to have my live install of Kali utilize the entire 32GB on my flash drive, Can somebody please help me get my nano working in either OSX or Kali? Both would be superb.
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