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  1. Any chance you could throw $RSSI in there when your looking at this?
  2. Thanks Sebkinee, Glad to hear I'm not crazy.
  3. For me personally I wanted to send this MAC to another API via http, I am able to do so like this: #!/bin/bash wget -q "http://user:password@x.x.x.x/JSON?variable="$(tail -n1 /tmp/pineap.log | sed 's/[[:space:]]//g' | cut -d, -f3)
  4. OK I figured out how to do it but I find it odd i should even have to do this. If the example script has a $MAC variable it implies it should be pre-populated at the time the script executes. To get MAC: tail -n1 /tmp/pineap.log | sed 's/[[:space:]]//g' | cut -d, -f3 >> /var/found.txt To get SSID: tail -n1 /tmp/pineap.log | sed 's/[[:space:]]//g' | cut -d, -f4 >> /var/found.txt
  5. How would I know what MAC address the Pineapple just saw in order to export it? What is the whole point of the tracking script then if it is not able to relay information about MAC or SSID dynamically? Why does the default script include these variables $MAC, $SSID, and $TYPE if they were never going to be populated with anything?
  6. @kerravon, I did show the script. It is this: #!/bin/bashecho $MAC > /var/found.txt i'm running it from the tracking tab. It's only a minor modification of the default script that is there in the beginning. The script does run when I associate with a tracked client, I just don't get to see any of the variables. Even the other ones like $SSID don't show anything.
  7. I'm playing with the tracking script but the variables are not working for me. Even something simple like: #!/bin/bash echo $MAC > /var/found.txt The rest of the script works, just nothing is expanded for the variables. I would like to be able to use tracking with the $MAC variable expanded. I'm basing $MAC off of the default syntax in that script after install. Any ideas?
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