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  1. I can't get my first payload to work, I've also tried ones made by others but that doesn't work either. Here is the one that I made that doesn't work at all: DELAY 200 WINDOWS d DELAY 500 MENU DELAY 300 STRING I DELAY 40 STRING K DELAY 300 WINDOWS r DELAY 700 STRING mspaint ENTER DELAY 1200 CTRL v DELAY 500 CTRL s DELAY 1000 STRING %userprofile%\Pranked ENTER DELAY 500 ALT f DELAY 400 STRING B DELAY 1000 ALT F4 DELAY 300 WINDOWS d I encoded it on the website and other payloads seems to work just fine, the language is Sweden. P.S This is intended for laptops, I don't know the command for a button we have called fn, which is required inorder to take a screenshot, you can't just press the screenshot button.
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