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  1. Is there any real world resources out there, non-vendor or vendor specific, that addresses PBX fraud? How it is done, how to prevent, how to detect early? I am encountering too many end users with cracked CPE. I am wondering the best way for me to intelligently talk about it with them. I am seeing most of the vendors to be Cisco, NEC, ShoreTel (who have been difficult to work with, they claim their solution to be infallible), and a surprising number of Yeastar implementations (as there are so few out there). It is not limited to these, I also see most other vendors out there too but not as often. I understand a number of SIP hacks but I think I need to know more. Also looking when the only external access is the auto-attendant. White, grey, or black-hat, I do not care the source.
  2. It looks like it was removed from the shop. Maybe they will not sell it anymore. http://hakshop.myshopify.com/collections/lan-turtle/products/hak5-field-kit
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