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  1. Thank you cooper that has been the main issue finding something that can keep me interested as most things are basically just read and copy on the online tutorials. I think I may have a few ideas for just a few test projects like you said for just practice and tuning my skills. I rarely do things for no reason so having projects with no actual plan or intentions for them is a bit weird for me haha.
  2. The coding languages I mainly focus on are python and C++. I am familiar with most topics as I've been studying them and doing online tutorials but I honestly haven't been able to put it into practice yet to be confident in any of them. Thank you Broti and Cooper
  3. Hi everyone I am fairly new to coding and programming I have been reading books and doing tutorials for like 6 months now but I was wondering if anyone had any good projects that I could work on to get a better grasp of it any ideas will be appreciated.
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