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  1. if i'm not in an admin account what are my restriction. my code is really simple and simply type would it still work ?
  2. Hey, im really new and was wondering if you coule help me, id like my Ruber ducky to write a 2000 words text but i dont now how. Do you have any idea
  3. The other option if that doesn't work would be to transfer a text file to the desktop. Problem is: usb drive are desactivated on the computer i'm planing to use this on. Would it work?
  4. You would have to create a text file(understood) and the commands( not sure) to type out the entire 2000 word document. Then compile that payload to a .bin file(i supose with the encoder on ducky's website) , and transfer it to the Ducky's(understood)
  5. I want my rubber ducky to simply write a 2000 word document but i don't know how, can somebody please guide me in the right direction or simply help me. Thanks p.s. really new here so please don't be rude
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