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  1. After a bit of testing I have found that problem with this Nano seems to be when running Recon at the same time as PineAP. If I leave PineAP running on it's own then it is quite happy and runs for hours and hours but it locks up after I run a few Recon scans. I also tested this on the first Nano that I had and can confirm that it's not the same problem that I had with the original.
  2. Nope. I spoke too soon. This one runs fine for around 30 - 40 minutes then totally locks up and needs a reboot. Very disappointed.
  3. A quick update... Hak5 have sent me a new Nano and I've managed to take it out for a spin today. It's working 100% and is amazing how much better it is! Recon is perfect, PineAP is running well and at one point it was broadcasting over 50 SSIDs. I've tested it with a couple of willing subjects and deauth, SSID broadcast and association and all working. I obviously had a faulty unit so thank you to the team at Hak5 for sorting it out.
  4. I've used the supplied cable plus 2 other Y cables. It looks like Hak5 are sending a replacement to me so watch this space...
  5. Sounds good but unfortunately I don't think that's the issue here. I've used the USB cable that came with it and 2 others. None made any difference.
  6. Thanks for the reply Kapu. I'm pretty sure it's not user error (although happy to be corrected). I've been working with RF (all sorts, not just consumer grade WiFi) for years and years. I'm also a linux sys admin so no problem with the command line. I've done a factory reset on the device. I've done a firmware restore too. I've also updated to v 1.0.6 and still have the same problems. I've connected via the Android App, a Windows 7 Pro PC and a Mac Book (after reconfiguring ICS to work on the correct range and gateway). I've followed the set up guides listed here - https://www.wifipineapple.com/pages/setup#nano The thing is, it runs fine for a few minutes then just seems to give up. I can send deauth packets and get my client to drop off the associated access point but only if I do it within the first few minutes. I'm sorry but I guess the title of this thread is a bit misleading as the deauth is not the only issue. Below is the email I sent to support over 2 weeks ago. To be fair, Darren did email back after a few days and request the output from some shell commands and then about a week later (after I emailed to enquire but the wait was my fault apparently as I originally replied to Darren, who the original response came from, and didn't "reply all" to copy support in) to say that the hardware looked fine and I should do a factory reset and upgrade to v 1.06 (which I did and made no difference). I emailed back on the 16th March to say that the upgrade to v 1.0.6 didn't make the issues go away and am waiting for a response. Here's my original support email that details all the issues I have so far... ****************************************************************************************************************** <snip> Here are the issues. Recon runs fine for a few minutes but then starts freezing at 100% when running a client + AP scan. It does this on all scan lengths. PineAP adding probed SSID but not broadcasting them. I can also create a new SSID and add it but it never gets broadcast. I've followed the you tube demo for using Recon and PineAP, performed a reset on the NANO and also performed a factory firmware reset and the problem remains. I've connected vi ICS on a win 7 laptop, via Kali live usb on a MBP, a MBP running the latest OSX (after reconfiguring ICS to give the correct IP address range and change the default GW!) and an Android Samsung Alpha phone using the WIFi Pineapple connector app. I've also connected via the WiFi management interface and get the same issue every time. I've powered the NANO from a 15000mAh pack (2.4A outputs), a 3A USB charger, A 4 Way USB power pack (with 2.4A outputs) and via the USB on a windows laptop and a MBP. All using the supplied dual head USB cable. Please see attached screenshots. Please advise.. </snip> ****************************************************************************************************************** I hope that gives a clearer view of the problems. Thanks.
  7. I'm afraid the deauth issue isn't the only problem. Recons stops working after 5-10 minutes and pineAP doesn't broadcast SSIDs. Support are aware of the issues i'm having but are very slow.
  8. Just a quick update.... 2 weeks later and I still have a non working Nano. I have emailed Hak5 support and have sent the requested files but have had very limited response. The Nano is pretty much unusable and will be heading back very soon with a chargeback if support don't up their game.
  9. I'm also having the same problem with my new Nano. I've emailed support so we'll see what they suggest.
  10. Got my Nano yesterday and have PineAP all set up but I can't seem to deauth clients from the target network. I have my phone connected to the AP a few feet away from me and the Nano sitting in between. I can see my phone as a client on the recon screen and click to deauth it but nothing happens. The phone stays connected. I've tried 1 through to 10 as the deauth multiplier but still no luck. Am I missing something or do some devices just ignore deauth requests?
  11. I doubt that using higher gain antennas would have damaged a radio. The power output of the radio's would have been the same, the antenna achieves gain by squeezing the radiation out in a specific area (like a frisbee disk) rather than all over (like a football shape). I could have damaged the front end receive of the radio if it was very close to an active AP but the chance is very. Hopefully my nano will arrive next week so I'll stick a couple of proper 9dbi antennas on it and see what happens!
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