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  1. Thank you Cap_Sig! Will do that. In the meantime I found a Pineapple Nano which I didn't update. It's still running 2.4.1 and all the modules installed are working. I hope there will be an update for the 2.6.x
  2. Hi! After upgrading my Tetra to firmware 2.6.1, DWall and urlsnarf don't work anymore. I can start both modules, but it seems they don't collect any data. Does anyone else have the same problem? And how can I downgrade to 2.5.x again (last stable version on my pineapples....) Thanks!
  3. Hi there! thanks guys, i was able to solve the problem with changing the filter modes from allow deny :-) so simple..... Sorry for my stupid question ;-)
  4. Hi all! I did the firmware updates (2.0.2) on my Pineapple nano's. Since then I'm not able to connect any device to the open WiFi connection I deploy as a rogue access point. Does anyone have the same issue? Any solutions? Thanks! Nigtshade
  5. Pineapple for ever!

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