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  1. It's a bit different to do it. 


    Arming Mode

    In Arming Mode, the Signal Owl will present the user with an open access point named Owl_xxxx (where xxxx is the last two octets of the devices MAC address) and will be accessible via SSH.

    The open access point may be configured with WPA security by editing the /etc/config/wireless file and adding the following options to the config 'wifi-iface' section:

    option 'encryption' 'psk2'
    option 'key' 'secret passphrase'

    More information is Here.

  2. Did you follow the instructions on this Page?


    To install the latest firmware:

    1. Download the upgrade file. Make sure that the filename is upgrade-version.bin (where version is the firmware version, e.g. 1.2) and check that the SHA-256 sum matches.
    2. Copy the upgrade file to the root of an NTFS or EXT4 formatted USB flash drive. Do not rename, unpack or otherwise alter this file.
    3. Plug the USB drive into the powered-off Packet Squirrel
    4. Flip the Packet Squirrel payload select switch to Arming mode (far right, closest to the USB flash drive)
    5. Power on the Packet Squirrel from a reliable USB power source. This process takes 5-10 minutes and will be indicated by a series of LED lights. Do not power-off or otherwise interrupt the device until the flashing process completes.

    During the firmware flashing process, the LED will indicate the following states:

    1. Green flashing – booting up
    2. Red/Blue alternating – beginning firmware flash
    3. Solid Red or Blue – firmware flash in progress
    4. Green flashing – rebooting
    5. Blue flashing – upgrade complete, arming mode ready


  3. 1 hour ago, StampeRnator said:

    I Upgraded to Firmware 3.0. My PS was not shown in cloud. Then I tried to downgrade to 2.0 with change of the VERSION File to 1.2

    You need to recopy over the device.config to packet squirrel every time you upgrade the firmware. 

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