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  1. I have been looking up local laws and i cant run ethernet cable because it has to cross a road. is it possible to transmit wifi with a directional antena and if so what type of plug does it have and if i would have it on a pole would i need to extend that cable and how would i be able to connect it to a router? would i need to flash my firmware and put open ddwrt on it to increase the power of the antennas to be able to transit that far. what router would be recommended for this. I would probably have a 60Mbps connection. The issue is that my neighbor has internet but no isp wants to put down cable for our house
  2. I am moving into an small house in farm land. 500ft away is where the fiber stops and I am wondering how I could get Wi-Fi to be transmitted to my house. Talked to the neighbors and they are fine if I have a modem in there house. how would I be able to transmit wifi to my house? is there a better way ? budget is no more than 300 or soo . Can it be done ? If so a parts list would help a lot! Can i be able maybe to use a old router or buy a new one not to sure yet. Please help...
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