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  1. I never knew they branched off Kung Fury and I'm so happy they did.
  2. Do you have any programming background? Maybe you should use a computer in your network you have permission to "take control" of. Are you using Kali? Ubuntu? Are you using linux at all? The one thing I can say is somebody could give you a step by step instruction manual for you to follow and yeah, you might be able to open up a meterpreter session on a remote computer. But the difference is that you won't understand WHY it works thus, nothing is learned. Along with anything you learn, understanding what your doing is 3/4 of the battle. Well, here's a good place. https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/913-hacking-where-to-begin/
  3. Yeah cooper he is running Kali, and fugu, I don't see the relevance. Maybe you can elaborate why? Also I found this in case anyone might happen to stumble upon this post wondering about changing tx power. Apparently there's a bug someone found that causes crda to output an error and overlook the preset world code when the adapter gets plugged in. https://forums.kali.org/showthread.php?25840-For-those-having-trouble-setting-tx-power-and-or-country-for-crda Here's a step by step walk through of the process as well as the bash code.
  4. So how would i get udev to change the name to something thats not gibberish? Also, and I'm sorry if I'm being a pain but you seem to help a alot on these forums so, I had it plugged into my computer and iwconfig showed it was transmititng off the bat at 30dbm, i was shocked and looked at my wireless networks available and was pleasently surprised at what I saw, with the default 4db antenna I could reach my neighbors across the street at 3/4 power... holy balls. But plugging it into my friends laptop where it came up as wlan1, iwconfig showed 20dbm and it was unable to change. Why would it be able to be 30dbm on mine, but not on his...
  5. Hey guys thanks for the reposnses. Cooper, i actually did try dmesg as well. But forgot to post it, I'm at work right now so I'll post dmesg output up later today. One of the sranger things dmesg told me was something about the adapter being "renamed from wlan1", cant remember entirely.
  6. Sup? So I bought an alfa awus036h last week and after patient anticipation it came in and I was like, totally. fangirling. Here's the beef. I'm running Kali Linux 32bit on a HP5101 as it's main OS. I know, crazy. ifconfig reads out: Now, clearly it shouldn't say naughty things like this. So I did some research and discovered wireless-compat which I downloaded, unpacked, yada yada and it went smoothly, but did nothing for me. I should also mention the light on the adapter is flickering and definitely not shining as bright as it could, but when i plug it into my desktop it shines with the power of a 1000 suns. This leads me to believe it could be some power issue? Let me also note that wlx00c0ca82c338 will go into monitor mode. It won't do anything but it does, and an aireplay-ng -9 wlx00c0ca82c338mon does show in fact it is NOT injecting. And for those who may not know, the chipset is a Realtek8187. I'm not entirely sure what other information I can post to help you help me, but im more than willing to cough up anything you need short of my debit card number and social. Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks for all your help guys, you've been incredibly helpful! I did actually take a pringles can, cut off the tin end, wrapped it in electrical tape and insulated it with tin foil. Kinda looks funny as well, I shoulda guessed I would need two cans (and all the chips for noms). Overall it worked pretty well, in my house to the surounding area (suprisingly) it only increased signal by a few db's, but if i stand on the road i can get an enormous amount of AP's. Just need a tripod and ill be set.
  8. What is a sight or a compass gonna do for a yagi?
  9. Thanks. Yeah I figured it out, I just jumped to conclusions after not really testing it. This thing is great, thanks though!
  10. I'm terribly sorry if this is the incorrect place to post this but after browsing a little, I'm not entirely sure where to post it, so cheers! Please point me to the correct section if im incorrect. So I just recieved the 16db yagi antenna from the hak shop, totally awesome. So I get it and instanly realize it will not plug into my Alfa awus036nha, clearly I don't read specs properly. No problem though, a trip to my electronics shop to get the adapter was worth it. I went into monitor mode, ran airodump-ng and quickly realized something strange, it seems as though my yagi is (for the most part) doing exactly what my detachable omnidirectional 9db dipol antenna would... to make myself more clear, it seems as though its picking up everything around it as opposed to what I thought it was supposed to do, which is focus signal in FRONT of it... I can stand with my back facing my AP and still get around 45-50 signal strength from it. Maybe I'm not understanding what a yagi is, and I've been searching for a day for answers and i cant seem to find anything helpful. On top of that the tx power is no better and stuck at 20 which I've read up is not the antennas fault but apparently hard programed into my adapter which im trying to figure out how to fix as "iw reg set BO or BZ" doesnt work. So, any help or maybe a link that might be able to help me better understand whats going on would be helpful. Thanks.
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