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  1. No idea. Jared said in an email that it was a limited quantity. I imagine they will step up production after Defcon. I've had a chance to play with it, and it's sweet. I'm not a coder, but hopefully someone will come out with a transmit option. I have a USB power block zip tied to the bottom, and a small powered speaker taped to that. The only annoyance is that you can only view somewhere between 10 and 12kHz on the display at a time. It's great is you know what frequency you want to listen to. Not so great if your scanning by hand to see what frequencies are being used. Also, you have to cha
  2. I just got my PortaPack in the mail for my HackRF. I haven't had a chance to put it together yet, but Jared Boone and ShareBrained Technology did a good job on packaging. It came with good quality screws and hardware needed to attach the porta pack to the HackRF, as well as a guitar pick which I assume to is remove the HackRF One from the plastic case. It does come with a CR2032 battery included and the board itself looks high quality. It arrived just a few days after ordering it, sealed in an ESD bag and looking sexy.
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