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  1. I tried to scan the network, but I got this error: MITM attacks can't be used on unconfigured interfaces
  2. I want to use ettercap on Pineapple IV to do mitm attack, but I don't now how to set it up. I've connected my laptop to my Pineapple by Ethernet cable, with no Internet access, when I want to scan the MAC address of the LAN network, I am confused about which interface has to be used, br-lan or wlan0 ? My plan is simple, I want to make Pineapple to be the fake gateway of my LAN network by using ettercap, then my victim device connects to the LAN network, and the traffic will be send to fake gateway by ARP Spoofing. So can anyone tell me how to use ettercap on Pineapple?
  3. I am wondering how to change the system on Pineapple IV. When I typed date command, it shows 1970, and then I tried date -s command to change the system time, but it says invalid date. So how can I change the system time on Pineapple?
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