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  1. your site is really nice..great job with the videos..
  2. Thanks, I editted the etter.conf file but i couldn't locate the IP_forwarding file? where is it located?
  3. I'm trying to do some sniffing on my local network using Kali but I'm not being too successful. I'm mainly using ettercap. Can someone please help me with the steps and explain them in detail so that it's easy to understand?
  4. Ok...that breakdown you did on that post was really helpful.. Thanks. So if what I understood is right..what if the victim clears all the cookies and history everything and then goes to any https website while the attacker has already started sslstrip..then he should get a http site, right?
  5. okay...so how would you clear the target machine's browser cache? doing this seems a bit tough...
  6. Well, my main objective is to sniff passwords over the local network...so HTTPS transfers encrypted data which even if I sniff, it wont be readable...so thats why I want it to turn into HTTP so that things can get easier.
  7. Hello, I am new to this hacking stuff. I'm curious so I'm trying out new things. One thing I came across is SSLstrip...I read about it and its use so I wanted to try it on a system. But after doing the steps as given in the video How To: Use SSLstrip On Kali Linux by Chris Haralson on YouTube, the victim system is still opening HTTPS. I tried using SSLstrip from BackTrack 5 r3 also...but I wasn't successful. I know I'm missing something..Please help me.
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