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  1. JackkTutorials youtube account has been removed . youtube is a big thing when it comes to Tutorials. His worked very hard on setting up and getting alot of views on his youtube channel. He now cant pay his bills as his youtube account was part of his income. so come on guys/girls show your support and sign this petition. https://www.change.org/p/youtube-youtube-re-active-the-jackktutorials-youtube-channel
  2. Hey fellas i came across this reverse shell made by (James Cook @b00stfr3ak44) i was just curous how can i change this to a Persistence reverse shell , its currenty a .rb file. you execute it in terminal , but i would like to know how to change it. #!/usr/bin/env ruby # Thanks to @mattifestation exploit-monday.com and Dave Kennedy. # Written by James Cook @b00stfr3ak44 require 'base64' require 'readline' def print_error(text) print "\e[31m[-]\e[0m #{text}" end def print_success(text) print "\e[32m[+]\e[0m #{text}" end def print_info(text) print "\e[34m[*]\e[0m #{text}" end de
  3. Sup fellas, just wondering is there anyway to get this working with a persistence shell?? was looking at metapsloit exploits and saw a persistence.rb , was just wondering is there anyway of getting this is run usbrubberducky.. :ph34r:
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