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  1. yes, it looks like the MAC-Changing on wlan1 caused the trouble... Just reset wlan1's MAC back to original and then PineAP starts
  2. eventually the settings directly done after re-flash (like changing the Karma WLAN name as well as the MAC) was conflicting?
  3. just a quick update: even after a fresh boot after a fresh firmware re-flash PineAP didn't start... But: when after the fresh re-flash I chose "Reset all wireless settings" in Network tile (Advanced tab) it started... So the trick was to just reset the wireless settings even after a fresh re-flash... so now it works...
  4. hi, just a quick question: what kind of log files should I check when clicking on "Enable" at PineAP (as well as the "Start Now" inside the PineAP tab in the detail tab) just won't start PineAP? I did test it even after a fresh reboot as well as even after a second successful re-flash (firmware 2.0.3). It just won't start. Tested in Firefox & Chrome. The request is executed, but after a few seconds it just returns and everything stays "disabled". All other stuff (including Karma) works well... And even dmesg etc. looks good. any ideas? or is it just too early to try out the new PineAP features presented at defcon? best, fruitful
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