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  1. There are quite a few undocumented features with the Pineapple and I think Auto Harvester and Beacon Response are two of them. What are they? I cant seem to configure them, just enable/disable it. So any information would be appreciated. Im planning on contributing to the wiki once I figure out how things work.
  2. Thanks. Still not really sure exactly what PineAP is. Glad Im not the only one having issues with 2.0.2 though.
  3. Didnt quite know how to accurately word the topic title so apologies for any confusion. Its been a good Defcon ^^ So far, the Wifi Pineapple has worked great ever since I got it yesterday and updated it to 2.0.2. However, there is one thing I cant quite grasp. In the web interface you can configure the SSID and security of the access point. However, it seems like you pretty much have to leave it as an open network for Karma to work, as if you set WPA/WPA2 for the SSID, then the targets wont be able to connect to the networks that Karma provides as they show up as open networks for the clients (And obviously, they dont know the WPA key regardless). But by leaving it open, then if someone suspects its a Pineapple network, then they can connect to the network, and then either brute force their way into the admin web interface, or sniff the credentials (since the web interface doesnt use SSL). So since the Pineapple has multiple radios, isnt it possible to have one "management" network and one victim network? Thanks!
  4. So I grabbed my Wifi Pineapple yesterday and started playing with it. However, I havent been able to find any documentation or information about the PineAP functionality. The only thing I've overheard is how its used to receive probes, respond to them with one radio and then broadcast those SSID's with the other radio. However, Im not sure how to configure this and the web interface isnt making much sense with regards to PineAP. Any input would be awesome. Thanks!
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