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  1. The output is: Listening on: en2 -> ***** (My MAC) ***** Privileges dropped to UID 65534 GID 65534... 33 plugins 40 protocol dissectors 54 ports monitored 16074 mac vendor fingerprint 1766 tcp OS fingerprint 2182 known services Randomizing 255 hosts for scanning... Scanning the whole netmask for 255 hosts... 7 hosts added to the hosts list... Host added to TARGET1 Host added to TARGET2 ARP poisoning victims: GROUP 1 : **** (MAC Router) GROUP 2 : (MAC victim) Starting Unified sniffing...
  2. Pinging works, but I don't understand my captures. Same scenario as above, I just pinged my pi instead of my router. Victim: Attacker: Pi: What I don't understand: In my attacker I only monitor tower->weiss (attacker->victim), nothing else. Is this normal? Still: Pinging my router, or sending DNS requests to it does not work at all. Thanks for your help again!
  3. I started wireshark on my victim ("weiss") and on my attacker ("tower") and pinged to my router ("speedport.ip"). I filtered for ICMP. Attacker: Victim: What I see: The ICMP requests are directed to my attacker (ofc I am not in promiscuous mode). My attacker sends them to the router, but the router does not answer. Thanks for your help!
  4. Hi! I am new to ettercap (although I am not new to security, and I am not a kiddy ). Because I am working on a mac I enabled the "quick and dirty fix" in etter.conf. I followed the standard tutorials to spoof arp (Added roter and victim to target 1 and 2, arp poisoning, start sniffing). What I expect: My victim is able to browse HTTP ordinarily. What I get: The arp is spoofed correctly (the cache got my attacker's mac instead of the router's), but I get request timeouts when pinging my router. I cannot open web pages anymore, nothing loads. Although the connections tab lists the victi
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