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  1. ok thanks, what about blacklisting the Wired port Etho MAC? on laptop I am guessing no as that how the info coming across is getting monitored? what about wirless router MAC--but suspect it follows the same logic as abouve about the Wired etho?
  2. Thanks, so are you stating that while in the GUI for Jammer Interface Wlan: We should select Wlan1 and not Wlan0 ??? AND For Monitor interface what should be selected as it show Mon0 or just leave blank?? ======================================================================== Anyone else care to add in what MDK3 and Aiplay do, just so we cover all the options here Thanks
  3. Question With Karma Have the Pineapple plugged into my laptop Etho port with cable Connected to my Wifi Router Do we need to black list both the Wifi Router MAC AND the Etho MAC? or just blacklist the Wifi?
  4. The setup is got Karma named as a AP I want others to connect to Got SSLSTRIP running When starting Jammer What should we select for INTERFACE for lan ?? Wlan0 What should be selection for Monitor Interface? Mono0??? I know this is simple stuff but it would be nice to have info tabls next to these selections to tell what they do / perform
  5. I plugged my 30 GB USB in and have the following shown below. Question: is this a proper configuration to store data or infusions?? just want to make sure that the USB is getting used as storage most efficently. THE SDB1 is the USB ---it is 30GB THE SDCARD--speaks for itself it is a 16GB Current Disk Usage: Filesystem Size Used Available Use% Mounted on rootfs 3.8M 1.2M 2.7M 30% / /dev/root 11.3M 11.3M 0 100% /rom tmpfs 30.2M 188.0K 30.0M 1% /tmp tmpfs 512.0K
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