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  1. trying to get an iphone tether going. has anyone else done this? if so please share thinking we need up to date versions of usbmux, libimobliedevice, libplist ect. in the repo please!
  2. ahh thanks very much . my error was starting like this- ifconfig wlan1 down ifconfig wlan1 up airmon-ng start wlan1 airodump-ng mon0 could swear this is the way ive done it in the past... anyway thanks again for the speedy solution!
  3. have a mark v, and i am unable to set the channel for wlan1. airodump says "fixed channel -1" on the top of the output screen. ive tried putting it down, then up with ifconfig, and airmon. also tried setting the interface manually with iwconfig. this seems to be a semi common problem accross a variety of systems , but im surprised the pineapple comes with this bug out of the box? according to the UI i am up to date in the firmware department. anybody have an answer?
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