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  1. I've also had this issue. SSL Strip 1.5 was working fine, since I upgraded to 1.6 it has that issue. Whenever I turn it on, it says sslstrip is running. However after I refresh it, it says not running again.
  2. Thanks for the reply! The problem was the default route. It was set as , when i changed it to it worked!
  3. Hello everyone, So I got my Pineapple Mark V and I was trying to use the dns_spoof with the SET on my Kali machine. Here is my scenario: I have the dns_spoof infusion on my MKV running with the line: * (Kali Machine's IP address ) And on my Kali i have SET running a java applet attack on If i go to my victim PC(, for example) and I type the IP on my browser I get to the SET page. However the Dns Spoof doesn't seem to be spoofing any website to the IP. If i were to browse to www.google.com I just get a blank page. Is there any other configuration I'm missing? Thank you, Joe Almeida
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