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  1. I'm attempting to create a mod for a game. My console requests a file from an online server and caches it. After it's cached it doesn't bother loading it again. Originally this mod was done by blocking requests to the server and redirecting it to a local server where the modified file was hosted. Now if you block the server it is unable to connect to another URL on the same server that verifies you don't have it blocked. In all I have to find a way to block a specific request for a URL (e.g http://test.site.com/file.extz) and allow others to connect to the internet. I know this should be very simple but I can't figure it out. I'm planning on running my console's traffic through my Windows PC, running my PC's traffic through a proxy that filters URLs like this: Console ------>Windows PC ( Proxy ) If request is for http://test.site.com/file.ext ----------> LOCALLY HOSTED /file.ext or WEBSERVER | | If request is not for http://test.site.com/file.ext ------------> SERVER I've been dealing with redirect after redirect all day so I'm confused! Thanks ahead of time, Zero
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