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  1. Hi A big Thank to all of you. And particularly 0fj5. The chipset allows us to use an external clk beating @ 25 or 40 MHz, but very few infos could be gessed about what's happening "Inside". It don't seems to be a simple multiplier (as 40 Megs is definitely not an overtone of 20 MHz ;- )) ). Anyway, I think it's Worth trying. If I don't suceed, I'll stil have a nice pentesting base or a good mesh node Tnks again to all of you Marc
  2. Hi I'd like to have info concerning the frequency generator of the pineapple (is it a simple "multiplied" local oscillator like WRT54Gxx, is it a more sophisticated DDS, where could I download the schematic of the router). In other words, how is frequency driven the pineapple and how could it be hacked Thus for a simple reason : The output power of the Pineapple is perfect for what I intend to do, but I need to change it's working frequency far lower than the first channel. To avoid answers "out of the subject" (concerning FCC regulation and other things like that), I should precise that t
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