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  1. I am currently having the same issue with my 32gig SanDisk... I install a module.. and then if i try to manage modules it will just pause at "loading" even after a reboot of the device the problem persists.
  2. Nothing I have seen yet.. I was searching for the same thing.. The closest thing I can find is this post from last year on setting up WPE on openWRT for the pineapple... I have not tried it yet.. https://www.optiv.com/blog/pineapple-corporate-toolkit-part-1
  3. I got that working.. for anyone with this problem trying to go to the broken link above... You have to hold down reset button while plugging it into say kali for 10 seconds the blue light will go solid almost immediately rather then flickering during startup... Then set an ip address and netmask like .. Once thats all set go to the webpage on Not the1.2 that you just set!! Then you can upload whatever firmware you want like when you set up the device, just make sure you go and download the newest firmware from the site... Figured I should post
  4. I am running into the same problem where it just says its downloading forever trying to upgrade from 1.01 to 1.06.. Tried that manual download link above but the page is blank.. Does anyone know how to manually upgrade this thing?
  5. You were correct it was the power supply!!! I was rummaging through my pile of cords and found a USB to power cable.. Tried that and it booted right up and held a connection!!!! THANKS!!!
  6. hmmmm It could be the wrong power supply, cord seemed rather short on it, is one with a short cord provided for something else, its been a bit since i unboxed this thing... I will look around for a second power supply or alternative power source today. And yes thats exactly thats happening it reboots before I am able to do anything, looks like it connects with the ethernet then immediately disconnects and changes lights. Although while doing the first part of the Un-Brick utilizing the 192 address and uploading the firmware it was able to hold a connection to my ethernet just fine. I am
  7. Cant figure out whats going on with my pineapple boot, I havn't used it for awhile and it wasn't working so i Un-Bricked it loading in the new firmware shown here https://www.wifipineapple.com/?flashing . But still the same issue on boot I can never get to the 172 interface it just keeps booting and rebooting itself. here is what its doing. Goes Solid Green + blinking blue Then blinks all the lights on Then Solid green + solid red Then repeats If i open up my network preferences I keep seeing the ethernet connect and disconnect. I tried putting the 1.2.0 firmware into the sd car
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