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  1. I've done some searches on the forums and this has been asked many times however there has never been a definitive answer on the support for the Alfa AWUS036ACH 

    This is one of the most popular adapters for Kali and while I know the PineApples are not Kali Os they do run linux flavors for which the Alfa AWUS036ACH  has driver support. 

    Has anyone managed to get the Alfa AWUS036ACH to show up on the PineApple and if yes then please post steps and if not then are any of the Hak5 team able to give a reason for the lack of support given how popular this adapter is.

  2. Yes it seems that there is a bug on the latest firmware where tools are not being installed, 

    I'll attempt the same recovery method to get this working. 

    In my case I had responder installed but I removed it and after no tools will install :-(


  3. 8 hours ago, RazerBlade said:


    http://newosxbook.com/liberios/ - and Link to Morpheus who did the hack https://twitter.com/Morpheus______

    This was released 2 days ago and works with all IOS 11 devices, However Cydia hasn't been updated to work with IOS 11 so any tweaks or sideloading of apps may not work just yet, but with this you can easily get SSH access into the device and play with binaries and command utilities you may want. 

    I suggest using a spare device for any type of ARM/IOS hacking. 

    Also expect this to be patched very soon.

  4. As a person who worked on one of the most popular IOS and Android apps (tens of millions of users on both platforms)

    I can confirm that both Google and Apple check updates especially if any update requires extra user permissions If no extra permissions are requested then once approved (and it will certainly be checked before being allowed in their app stores) they will just do random checks on the app.  Any IOS/Android exploits are too valuable to be out in the wild, the going rate for an IOS current version hack is $1,000,000 and there was one shown just a few weeks ago (it won't be released) see https://keen-lab.com/jailbreak/11.1/ for current IOS firmware hack that will be sold to highest bidder. 

    Team Keen has said that they will release the hack but my guess is that it's already been sold and will be released publically at the same time as a new IOS upgrade release. This happens a lot and either exploit vendors/ antivirus companies and software company consortiums who get together and purchase a lot of the zero days in an effort to help better protect their users and the original researcher will release the zero-day on the day of the patch release (the same thing happened with the Krack exploit)

  5.  It's been shown that the same Israeli company (Cellebrite I think their name is) that helped the FBI to bypass the IOS security on the San Bernadino shooters phone can also bypass later firmware as well. 

    Also, their CEO claims they can also bypass the current firmware (however have stated that they won't give any details or show that hack working as it's only for their 3 letter agency type customers).

    My guess is that there are a large number of zero days for IOS which are floating around but only released to top paying bidders.

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  6. While I've not done this on the pineapple,  only on websites I've tested. 

    My advice would be to take a look at RFD attacks (Reflected File Download attacks). 


    It should be possible to set up a vulnerable page/site using EvilPortal or something similar on the pineapple and then your link should auto-download and run shell commands on the users device. (works on both win and nix but I've only tested against windows users)

    I'm not going to walk you through the whole attack but it's easy to do and requires little to no input from a user (it's also possible to bypass all browser security warnings also)

    Here is a very good walkthrough by Oren Hafif who now works for FaceBook security I think. 


    Good luck.

    PS this would make an awesome module (hint hint @Foxtrot and would give easy total pwnage to the pineapple devices) 

  7. Sorry to be a bit of a dick, but can you clarify "short order", Are we talking days, weeks, months? 

    I understand that new bugs pop up that needs to be fixed as newer features are added but I'm guessing there is some internal date that could be given (feel free to pad the date with extra time to fix the unknown - unknowns)

  8. I didn't read it as a worm but to attack machines attached to a switch, (let's say 8 devices) As previously mentioned it's going to be hard as it sounds like he's looking for persistence. 

    Those 8 machines could be any OS/IOT devices so yes you can MITM them to grab credentials etc, but getting persistent access is going to be hard as this usually means exploiting some kind of bug in the underlying OS or software running on the device.  (see the earlier reply from PoSHMagiC0de)

    I think you should instead be looking at how to exploit 1 device on the switch with high certainty using the squirrel and then you need to know/learn how to pivot from there to gain further access to other devices. This is how most engagements work. People never really start with owning the network, but find a weak point (phishing etc) and pivot from there.

  9. Does anyone know anything about that "Friday thing" mentioned in today's Hak5 video? or what I'm guessing is a new PineApple firmware release or at least a new Krack module

    ****EDIT****  (after watching it back it seems that the Friday thing may have been last weeks Packet Squirrel announcement, I watched the recorded streams but didn't see anything new pineapple or Krack related)


  10. See my post here about other possible items, 

    While nothing is confirmed by the team, these are registered by Darren. However, it should be noted that only the PacketSquirrel.com domain has any content. The others all give errors. 

    Also even if those were the names of new tools, a name still gives us nothing about how the tool carries out its attack or what it can do to aid pivoting. Except maybe the way it connects

    for example

    USBLadyBug = USB device attack meaning physical access to device under test will be needed

     ScreenCrab = No idea on attack style but it seems like it could be a remote screen grabbing tool (I've no idea how this could work if it was that)

    USBBoomStick  = again USB in name so suppose another tool needing physical access

    Only about 2 days to go 

  11. Darren confirmed that 3 devices are going to be released on Friday. - Packet Squirrel just seems to be one of them (unless there are 2 versions of the squirrel - like the Nano and Tetra are 2 versions of the same tool). 

    Anyway looking forward. 

    Still no pre-order, Seems I'm going to have to be okay with ordering on the unveiling, just hope the team can ship quickly.  (otherwise, I can always play when I get back from my trip)



  12. Any chance of setting up preorders (yes I know we don't know what it is yet, but I would still purchase from my previous good experience with Hak5 stuff), Gotta say only a couple of companies I know of have such a loyal following that people will buy their stuff without even knowing fully what it is. (Hak5 and Tesla are the  only 2 that comes to mind).

    I ask about pre-order as I'm leaving the country for a few weeks around the start of November and would love to play with new toys on my break. 

    Not sure if it would get here in time if I were to order on release date. 

    Also while this looks nothing like the picture I would love something like this 


    or a better one on Amazon handles both IOS and Android devices = https://www.amazon.com/Tracker-Vehicles-Charger-Tracking-Device/dp/B0719692ST/

    But have it instead take over the network of whatever device it's plugged into. 

    So it looks like a normal USB cable but has LTE or 3G and can assume default network device. 

    Would obviously work on PC/Mac/Android and IOS as main candidates. (just dropping ideas :-) 

    Only thing not sure about if it needs a network controller chip at both ends in case it's plugged from PC to Phone (log + take over both networks and have full End-2-End device control), 

    Anyway I await the 20th and the new devices (Plural - WhoooHooo)

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  13. 19 minutes ago, Dave-ee Jones said:

    Pretty sure someone has attempted to join the forces of the PineAP and the BB, just didn't see what they came up with. I'm sure if you did a search on the forums you might be able to find out.


    Yeah, Seb mentioned that he was going to release something at one point  https://forums.hak5.org/topic/40215-pineapple-core/ and also see

    However, from the discussion, it does seem that the Bunny does take the place of the often mentioned PineApple Core. (meaning that the Squirrel most likely isn't that either).where Seb mentioned an "officail solution soon"

    So there goes my 2 guesses. :-)

    Not long now, let's hope they get the location confirmed and then we'll have a hard and fast date to look forward to. 





  14. 18 hours ago, Dave-ee Jones said:

    That's nice. At the moment we're interested in what's actually been announced and what is actually planning on arriving to this world, not just to our heads. It literally took me 10 minutes to figure out what in the world you were talking about. Why even bother making a post that is completely irrelevant to the Packet Squirrel, and why even post that kind of information here?

    I'm assuming you're talking about domain names? You should probably look more closely - there's a low chance it's actually Hak5 because the guy who owns those domains has variations of Hak5's stuff, not actually Hak5's stuff. I think you got a bit excited and tried to be a bit of a know-it-all..


    Dude I think you need to chill a little,

    My post was actually a fun one, (or that's what I was aiming for)  and the registration for all those domains are by Darren Kitchen AKA Aardwolf (hence the Aardwolf Ambulance firmware in PineApples), so to throw your comment back to you, :tongue:


    You should probably look more closely - I think you got a bit excited and tried to be a bit of a know-it-all.


    Anyway to be a little more constructive my guess for the Squirrel is a 3G/Bluetooth network tap, that can be installed inline with physical access and controlled from a nearby over Bluetooth or distant over 3g mobile device - Have I just described the new LanTurtle 3G?. 

    Really would like it to be a PineApple add on Hardware piece (I'm sure the BashBunny can do that , I've just not seen it heavily used like that)

  15. Ummm, I'm actually more interested in the KeyCroc,  ScreenCrab, USBBoomStick and the USBLadyBug 

    AFAIK nothing has been announced about these if they are actually newly planned products :-)

    Remembering that the USBRubber Ducky was in planning for about 8 years I think Darren said.

    Mods Feel free to edit/remove parts of my post if it contains anything that shouldn't be public yet.

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