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  1. On 4/12/2019 at 12:27 AM, b0N3z said:

    if the conditions are right, then yes.  You get alot more warnings from web browsers and devices but most people ive found, dont care and swipe past them.  Android 9, latest iOS, OSX, and windows 10 will still connect if conditions are right

    Hi b0N3z, thanks for the reply.

    Can you go a little bit more in detail. Which are the right conditions that you are talking about ?

    thanks man.

  2. Hi guys,


    I just wanted to post a question here regarding the current state of the nano.

    SInce the increased security of the web browsers compared to a few years ago, is the wifi pineapple still relevant today ?

    What I mean is, modules like ssl strip , and capture portals etc. I would think these are obselete today since the browsers will detect tampering and warn the user .


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