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  1. Hi b0N3z, thanks for the reply. Can you go a little bit more in detail. Which are the right conditions that you are talking about ? thanks man.
  2. thanks for the replies guys, what about the karma attack ? Do newer devices running on windows 10 and android 7 or higher still autoconnect using the karma attack ?
  3. Hi guys, I just wanted to post a question here regarding the current state of the nano. SInce the increased security of the web browsers compared to a few years ago, is the wifi pineapple still relevant today ? What I mean is, modules like ssl strip , and capture portals etc. I would think these are obselete today since the browsers will detect tampering and warn the user .
  4. Does it also redirects clients to the portal which are trying to visit https websites ? Like if they click a bookmark of google or facebook for example which both use https.
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