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  1. Thanks for your fast reply. I'm glad that shipping rates for European countries are being revised. It would be great if we could have a European Distributor, because the customs duties and carrier fees that we pay buying outside EU, sometimes are higher than product price itself! At Portugal case, every package sent from outside EU by UPS (or Fedex, DHL, etc) will be retained at portuguese customs. According with product nature and price, customs duties and VAT will be added, which in my experience will be around 30% on top of invoice total. :( Apart from this, UPS will charge a fee to handle the package release process from customs, around 50euro... :/ So as example a USB Rubber Ducky can cost me after all this: $36.99(ducky) + $37.91(UPS Insured Expedited) = $74.90 around 55euro 55euro + 30%(customs duties + VAT) = 71.50euro 71.50euro + 50euro(UPS fee) = 121.50euro around $166 !! Using USPS (United States Postal Service), package can pass through the customs without be retained. USPS Priority and Flat-Rate will have, lets say around 25% chances not be retained. If retained, will be only necessary to pay custom duties and VAT, if not we receive the package without any extra charges! Of course we all know that with USPS we can lose the package, but its a risk that i would take. Question: Why US Postal Economy International (7-30 Business Days) at $6.16 USD is not a shipping rate option for USB rubber Ducky? B.R. Zoio
  2. @Darren Please take a look at Portugal shipping rates issue. Most of european countries have shipping rates starting at: US Postal Economy International (7-30 Business Days) at $6.16 USD for USB Rubber Ducky US Postal Priority Shipping at $23.95 USD for Wifi Pineapple Mark V Portugal has only one shipping rate available either for Rubber Ducky or Wifi Pineapple, which is UPS Saver at $63.16 USD. There are other countries besides Portugal with this price discrepancy at shipping rates. (ex: Slovakia)
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