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  1. Does the $99 include US sales tax or is this exempt? If so, shouldn't buyers outside the US get this refunded? I'm not a tax expert, just a guess. I'd happily be the EU/UK distributor by the way, I work 5 minutes away from a post office. WIFI routers carry import duty of 0% to the UK by the way, but VAT is still 20%. So yeah, you should get a bill from customs.
  2. Are there any plans to bring on board a European distributor any time soon? I'd love to buy a Mk5 but as with previous versions I'm totally put off once I add $40 shipping then the £17.40 UK VAT. This brings my total pineapple cost to a whopping $166.88 (£104.39). I know there is nothing you can do about the shipping or VAT, but it is a shame as I bet I'm not the only person it puts off.
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