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  1. Why is it that if I try get into it via nautilus to access the files It denies me? Let me clarify, whenever I try to access I don't get denied, but instead get an error.
  2. Here's a screenshot when I try to ssh into the machine with a terminal. If I try to use a GUI application like FileZilla or gftp, I fail to connect, but can reach this through a terminal.
  3. Hello. (Pineapple noob here) So I recently received my new Pineapple about a week ago, and finally had the chance to start playing around with it. I can log into the UI, and have already installed a couple of infusions into the system. I noticed, however, that when I tried to login through ssh, so I could upload html files for a dns spoof, I ended up in a terminal for busybox. Is this normal? After watching videos online, others are able to just upload files using Filezilla, or nautilus, but for i'm drawn a blank as to what to do at this point. Any help?
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