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  1. It was the travel bundle that includes the battery back, travel bag, and antenna. $105 shipped.
  2. **Shipping within the USA only** Pineapple Mark IV Sold! I am now selling my Mark V Travel Bundle as well. It includes the Mark V, Battery Pack, Travel Bag and Antenna. - $105 shipped! I am also selling my Ubertooth One with its antenna that I have never used, I purchased it from the Hak5 shop back in August of last year and I am asking $70 shipped for it. And finally I am selling my Toool Progressive Training Lock sets, the first is the Basic locks progressing from 1-6 with a master key. New they go for $80 on Tools Website, I am let them go for $55 Shipped
  3. I was just wondering if anyone has utilized the Cubieboard2 in their WiFi Pineapple Build by using it as a Kali Linux Box? I have seen people using Raspberry Pi and running PwnPi and Kali but after looking at the specs of the Cubieboard2 I think it is a pretty good pairing for pentesting. Any other thoughts or opinions? Cubieboard2 Specs http://cubieboard.org/2013/06/19/cubieboard2-is-here/ Kali Linux for Cubieboard2 http://dustin.li/2013/05/getting-kali-linux-on-a-cubieboard/
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