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  1. The log file is created in the tmp directory which seems to be deleted every startup/shutdown(?). If I created the softlink there it is deleted as well. So I have to created the soft link every startup after tmp is deleted and before karma starts logging. How do I do that?
  2. The probe request are recorded by Karma and printed to the main page. Thanks The same information is logged in /tmp/karma.log. I now want that the log file should be created on the usb stick. I could create a job (over the browser screen) to copy it to USB. But isn't there a way to just directly write it to the USB stick?
  3. OK, got it. But that is already a step too far. How can I set up karma to log passively?
  4. @Sebkinne: Yes that is what I am asking. I passively want to monitor iPhone probes which are not connected to any network, but have (of course) their wifi functionality on. Where can I find the "oui" or any documentation which helps me a bit?
  5. I do not want and need to disconnect users from access points. The phones are not connected to a wifi network.
  6. Hello, I was able to get the Pineapple Mark IV. I can access it via Browser or SSH, but how can I record probes from an iPhone and extract its MAC if I am NOT connected to the same network? Any help appreciated!
  7. I assume it is really connected to the round power plug using a cable like this http://hakshop.myshopify.com/collections/accessory/products/usb-power-cable. Sorry for posting too quick.
  8. Hello, I am buying some accessories for the Mark IV, which I do not have yet. I am wondering how an external USB battery pack can be connected to the Mark VI. At the Mark IV there is a round power plug and a USB port. Which one do I have to use? Can I use the round power input? In this case I need a cable USB (from the power pack) to "round-plug" (to the Mark IV)!? What is the round power plug called"? And what is the size of that? Thanks
  9. @thesugarat: For my purpose a computer would not be appropriate. I might let that device be delivered to another country and pick it up there. Anyway in that case I will on have half a day to get used to it until I need it for my first experiment. 1) Is it easy enough to set this device to just "recording" so that it basically logs all wifi traffic, which I then analyse later? 2) Any easy explanation available which I could read now already to be able to setup the device as mentioned in point 1)? If yes, where? 3) Is the MAC really inside the "probes" an iPhone sends randomly to connect to wifi hotspots?
  10. @Sebkinne: I tried to order a "Wifi Pineapple" and emailed them, but they do not delivery to the country I am currently living at (in southeastasia). I will be able to buy that device in three months, but that will be too late for this purpose. Any other idea? @midnitesnake: I assume you try to help me to analyse the data I might retrieve with a "Wifi Pineapple". In that case why do I need to do a MAC prefix analysis? To find the MAC? I would assume they are always at the same offset of the data packages. @Subspace3: Generally I would just like to read out the MAC from the "probes". But what would be a network scanner app which work on the iPhone? Furthermore if I open a hotspot with my iPhone (jailbreak available) and someone else connects to it, would it be possible to read out the MAC?
  11. Hi, I want to determine the MAC address of an iPhone without having direct access to it. I have read that the iPhone frequently sends wifi packets to determine whether known wifi networks are around. Do these packets already contain the MAC or is it possible to use these packets to get the MAC adress of the iPhone? How would that be possible as easy and mobile as possible. I have read about the "WiFi Pineapple Mark IV". Is this device capable of doing so? Any other ideas? Regards Rer
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