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  1. Thanks a bunch!, it seems to have at least improved the problem (browser now at least recognizes that it is an existing site)! There are still a few problems (captcha wont recognize that I've put the correct one in), but I'm sure they will resolve with a little more research on my part, again, thanks SO much! :)
  2. Well i just recently got back into using tor and it had been working fairly well for me (with the usual bothersome slowness). Now whenever i try to connect to a specific website (apparently not down) and login it tells me that it timed out, howevver this seems to be the only webiste that it does it for. Any suggestions or ideas would be muchly appreciated! Or if anyone has had a similar experience! (yes I've done all the usual crud to try and fix it including reinstalling, restarting my computer, restarting the router, using a different wifi etc.)
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