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  1. I decided to buy myself a asus rt n10+ router and installed dd-wrt on it instead. managed to use dnsmasq to redirect ps3 to my laptop and it works.
  2. It seems the guide http://hak5.org/hack/wifi-pineapple-flashing-guide has a dead link for the firmware. Is there any new links so i can download and upgrade my fon+ 2201C UK? If not is there anyway to gain access to the fon through ssh telnet since out of the box theres only dnsmasq 2.38 and a webserver running. My goal is to experiment with the dnsmasq to redirect ps3 / ps vita update locations to a local network ip (running a webserver) so i can fool the ps3 / ps vita into thinking there isnt an update (update.xml / txt). Since when i plug the ps vita into my ps3 the ps3 checks the vitas firmware and checks for a latest one, if there is then it forces it to run the update and wont allow the transfer of files to / from the vita unless latest firmware is installed. Something that bugs me since I want to transfer expoits to my vita that run on a lower firmware than the latest "patched" firmware. I currently have a dlink 2740r router and i cant seem to find any commands in telnet that offer url redirection under firmware 1.16, only commands to block website urls, not to redirect them. It would be good to have a fon sat on the network redirecting url domains.
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