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  1. !@#$&%? - Come on you darn puddle piegons / Seahawks - turn this game around #seahawks #nfl

  2. Happy Birthday to my awesome dog Shelby - She is 14 years old today - good dog....

  3. Happy Friday to all - Hope you have a nice day and a better weekend... Good Times 2013 are here - Go Hawks - Go Vikes #hiweb #nfl #smile

  4. Hey, so I grabbed my Rubber Ducky and iPhone 30 pin to USB adapter, opened notes, plugged in Rubber Ducky. And I see error 'Cannot Use Device - The connected USB device is not supported.' although upon saying OK to do see keys being send to the notes via this Rubber Ducky HID device. So now to play with some payloads on iOS maybe? Also on another note id like to place this Rubber Ducky on a Blackberry... Any ideas? No go at first glance and something about blackberries using Master USB keyboards versus Slave. Anyone? Thanks and Have FUN, HiWEB
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