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  1. I boot up the pineapple ad tether it to my network then i get into the web interface and click on the "Upgrades" tab. From there where it says "The current firmware version is 2.4.1" i click on the link that says "Check for upgrades" it then says "Upgrade found (2.7.0) Md5 d87ddd475227f89cfb83973a2561dba8 " next to that there is a link that says "Download" so i click and download the file and all goes smooth. When i scroll down to where it says Preform Upgrade and clock choose file and select the file from my Downloads folder and type in the md5 it gave me and click Upgrade i get an error at the top of the page saying "Error, Md5Sum does not match!"
  2. I have tried to re-download it many times still same thing every time.
  3. I have the wifi pineapple mark iv. I love it. Its running firmware 2.4.1 and i would like to upgrade to the latest firmware. When i go to the upgrade tab in the web interface and click check for upgrades it gives me 2.7.0. When i download it and try to upgrade i get an error saying "Error, MD5Sum does not match!" Im kind of a noob please help. Thx
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