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  1. Bump,. same modem, same issue, would love to usb tether this AP.
  2. I just reloaded my pi, had some kernel panics I didnt want to deal with, so fresh image, I'll let you kow what comes of it. I'm not too good on making my own drivers work so that may take me a bit.
  3. I have an idea, any chance it could be the driver? I searched the pi wiki and it says that there is no AP support for the nl80211 driver. should I just compile hostapd to use the ath9k driver instead?
  4. here's a quick run of it. Problem 1, Digital's Domain SSID, IS in the whitelist.... Problem 2, the only SSID I see coming off the pi is the broadcasted one i set
  5. AWUS036NHA from the hakshop. hostapd configured with the nl80211 driver.
  6. I didn't want to start a new thread, but I'm working on a similar task. I was using my pi to access my mkiv and i figured why not just do it from the pi. so I, like you, managed to get karma installed and running, but it doesnt appear to be running correctly. Care to share any updates on how you were able to "broadcast" collected SSIDs. I'd love to give your image a shot sometime, but I can't right now as I need debian to stay functional for other programs.
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